Flatcar Bridge for Sale

Flatcar Bridges for Sale

Private landowners, golf courses, logging industry and watershed preservation organizations to just name a few clients that have installed our bridges. These bridges have a tremendous load capacity and can be topped with decking of pressure treated lumber for longer lasting service. Concrete abutments are available for setting the bridge. Contact Flatcar Sales o: 800-428-1516.

Save Money

For the fraction of the cost of traditional bridge construction you can now gain access to all of your land with an all-steel railroad flat-car bridge.
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Easy to Install

The flat-car bridges we have for sale are relatively easy to install and offer a long lifetime with low maintenance. These super-structures are portable if desired and void of all car parts. Offsite construction eliminates downtime. Flat-car bridges are available in matched pairs for side by side and / or end to end installation. Rick Franklin Corporation offers transportation to your placement site at an additional cost. Learn More…

Satisfied Customers

Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Lower Columbia River Watershed Council,  Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers (PUR) are just a few of our clients who have installed our bridges.

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Call 541-401-4018 to Request A Free Quote

Contact us for more information. We will be happy to discuss your project and explore the order process, construction options, delivery considerations and setup process with you. We have a flatcar bridge for sale for you. For a free quote, call 541-401-4018 or contact us online here:

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